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Did you ever wonder why . . . ?


Did you ever wonder why, only a few decades ago, we were much healthier than today?
How could all our advances in science make us sick?

Some reasons could be:

Not long ago, schools were expected to prepare a boy for a man's job so that he can provide for his family-to-be. Schools were expected to prepare a girl with the ability to manage a household for her part in raising a family. Gender participation was not law or discrimination, just the norm. If a girl wanted learn welding or a boy wanted to learn home-ec, it was no problem.

Today the priorities have changed.
Children are taught that they can not make it through life without ongoing professional help.

Right with learning how to spell "see Bob run" children must learn how to spell vagina and penis and be taught what inappropriate touching means. Special professionals are called upon to deliver this critical part of the curiculum.

9-year old girls should be immunized against a rare complication of a sexually transmitted disease. The 3 shots are "free" but cost someone $375-$600 each for the 2,000,000 targets in the US alone (a billion bucks).

If a teacher or student dies, for any reason whatsoever, "grief counsellors" descend on the school en masse. Assemblies and speeches are held to convince the students that they should personally feel so much grief that they need professional counseling to get over it. T-shirts may be offered for sale to commemorate the event.

Students are used to raise money for Readers Digest and/or other "fundraising" organizations. Prizes are offered to stundents. Some compensation is promised to the school and, I suspect, prizes to the organizing individuals.

To "fight obesity", school vending machines are now re-loaded with "healthy" solids and liquids.
Whole milk is not recommended and only 1%BF and 2%BF is offered, so that kids don't get too fat.
The milk industry loves this because one quart of whole milk can now be sold as:
1 qt 2% and
1 qt of 1% and
1 qt of skim milk
with leftovers to make cream or cottage cheese.
The profit is quadrupled and the consumer is healthier by receiving the watered down product.

Today teachers complain that 20 students are too many to handle in one classroom.

In the good old days:
My mother taught me and over 60 students, for grade 1-4, all in one classroom, which isn't saying that was easy.

Home Economics taught how a family could have a nutritious diet within a frugal budget.

Vending machines of any kind were not permitted in schools.

Milk was neither pasteurized nor homogonized. If you let it stand, you could spoon the cream off the top. Milk never went bad, it just turned into buttermilk and, if you waited a bit longer, you had cottage cheese, all without a refrigerator.
These pages are merely intended to get you thinking for yourself.
Stop "watching" the news and the commercials, forget the pictures, read and listen carefully to decide for yourself what makes sense. You may not be as stupid as you thought.
If it doesn't make sense to you, it very likely is nonsense.

It's a well known truism that "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with b.s.".
Don't fall for that - Think!