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Build a Rainbow Bridge

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Did you ever wonder why . . . ?


Wow! Can you believe all the BS that's being dumped on you lately by the Experts?
Of course not!

Let's back up to the basics for a minute.

Money is worth nothing.
Money was invented to save you from trading half a chicken for some vegetables and being stuck with half a chicken until Tuesday, when the baker baked his bread, hoping the half chicken would still appeal to the baker on Tuesday.
Money represented value in actual goods.
For money to be accepted as true value of actual goods, requires trust that money would still represent the same value in a month as it did today.

An easy way to advertise that trust is to use gold for money. Gold is shiny, is limited and everybody likes it.

Once the touchstone was discovered, Anyone could confirm that the shiny stuff was real gold of reasonable purity.
Then someone decided real gold coins were a bit awkward to carry around and cutting coins in half for small change, was a pain.

Banks decided to print certificates, in handy denominations, which stated that these certificates could be redeemed for real gold, and then for real silver, at any time.

Then they decided this was an unnecessary waste of ink and just said "trust us".

A few decades ago banks decided that money had intrinsic value. If you could lend the same money to 3 borrowers at the same time you could triple profits. Now they could pretend that they had 3 times the assets (depositors money) they actually had.
This worked great until borrowers of these easy loans started to forget to make their payments.

Now the banks had to 'fess up that their assets were imaginary but they invented new words like "toxic assets" and tried to sell them to their government because other countries' economies, trusting to invest in these "toxic assets", before banks called their assets toxic, had already been brought to their knees,

You hear about "wall street optimism" or up or down.

Gambling on the fortunes or mis-fortunes of productive companies has no value to the economy.

When the opinions of gamblers determine the honest economy, we're in deep trouble.

That time is now. We're in deep trouble.
These pages are merely intended to get you thinking for yourself.
Stop "watching" the news and the commercials, forget the pictures, read and listen carefully to decide for yourself what makes sense. You may not be as stupid as you thought.
If it doesn't make sense to you, it very likely is nonsense.

It's a well known truism that "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with b.s.".
Don't fall for that - Think!