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Did you ever wonder why . . . ?


Did you ever wonder why they are so complicated?
Why do you need to become "computer literate" so they can "increase your productivity."
You already know your job and what you want to do.
Why do you now need to relearn how to do it on a computer?
Why does some anonymous dweeb, who doesn't know you or your job requirements, now decide how you need to do your job?
Who the heck is this "System Administrator" you're always sent to, when your computer crashes because this dweeb screwed up the program he sold you?

Do you expect a flashing message on your toaster that says:
"You can't toast right now, this toaster is busy with someone elses toast"
but you don't see any other bread in the toaster?

Do you expect your car to to stop in the middle of the highway with a dashboard message:
"Sorry, this car needs to stop. See your mechanic (system administrator) for assistance.
Please tell Ford (microsoft) about your problem

A computer should be just another useful appliance. A computer is as smart as a light switch.
Ok, maybe were talking a truckload of light switches, but that still doesn't make a light switch intelligent, artificially or otherwise. Aren't we smart enough anymore to outsmart a light switch?

Till the 1970s computers consisted of tangible components like switches, relays,diodes and wires. To "program" a computer you physically moved wires to re-arrange the configuration to suit your purpose.

Then integrated circuits came along and a lot more light switches could be hidden in a plastic lump. Trouble was, the light switches became too many and too small to connect with wires, so more light switches were added to facilitate the configuration of the other light switches with fewer external connections.
Now things got complicated.

Because things were getting too complicated, dweebs invented programming languages by the bushel to "standardize" and limit the possibilities of controlling the thousands of lightswitches in that plastic blob. Hundreds of programming languages were invented for every application immaginable.

Why? I have light switches in the bathroom, the kitchen, the garage, the office and outside. I didn't need a bathroom-electrician and a kitchen-electrician. Any electrician can make the light come on when I push the switch.

What kind of light and the colour of the decorative switch plate is my simple choice. I can hire a professional decorator to choose the colour for me but that doesn't make the circuit more functional.

More . . .
These pages are merely intended to get you thinking for yourself.
Stop "watching" the news and the commercials, forget the pictures, read and listen carefully to decide for yourself what makes sense. You may not be as stupid as you thought.
If it doesn't make sense to you, it very likely is nonsense.

It's a well known truism that "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with b.s.".
Don't fall for that - Think!