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Unfortunately the dweebs trying to manage this ballooning mess thought themselves revolutionaries and couldn't relate their work to old-fashioned logical simplicity so they invented
Computer Science
Whenever their work didn't work, they added complexity to fix it.
Then they added patches.
Then they added updates.
Then they added security updates.
Then they added critical updates.
Then they offered a new version of their operating system on which your favourite program won't work anymore.
Now they insist you open your personal computer to the world and allow them to install "patches" and "updates" automatically, silently, without bothering you with details.

Call me crazy but I bought this computer, consider it mine and don't allow strangers to use it for their own purposes, especially if they say it's for my own good. I'll be the judge of that.

Spammers operate millions of unsuspecting computers because all these "features" make it so easy for them to put nasty programs into your computer.

But, I digress.
A computer is just a truckload of light switches.
All you can make it do is:
- turn on one or group of lights. This is called a block of pixels, like the letter "A" on your screen when you hit the appropriate key.
- draw a line of pixels in a specific direction. This is called vector
graphics for doing line drawings
- do math so it does the right thing when you type 2+2=
- store data in an efficient, fixed scale format.
- have a multi-dimensional database available.for storing and displaying organized information.

That's pretty well it. Every computer user needs that, for kitchen recipes, Email, spreadsheets, designing airplanes, music, whatever. What you want to use your computer for is entirely up to you.

As soon as you think of a computer as just another appliance, not mysterious magic, today's implementation becomes ridiculous.

The ever increasing complexity of upgrades, patches & security fixes, proves that no current operating system was ever planned logically - it just happened.

Hackers and spammers love it because it provides ever new ways of abusing the internet and possibly your own computer. Obviously the bad guys are more creative in the programming of light switches than microsoft, apple or any others still trying to fix the leading operating systems.

There is no choice in how to implement the basic functions of computers most efficiently. They should exist in a manner to best utilize the specific "central processor".

For example, if you enter data in inches, you should be able to view it in metric without actually converting the original stored data. You should be able to add data in metric without affecting the already stored imperial values.

Now writing a program for kitchen recipes or one for CAD, accounting, 3D animation, music or genealogy becomes more of a cosmetic thing.
Only the way you input data and the way you view your data changes.
The data themselves never change.
These pages are merely intended to get you thinking for yourself.
Stop "watching" the news and the commercials, forget the pictures, read and listen carefully to decide for yourself what makes sense. You may not be as stupid as you thought.
If it doesn't make sense to you, it very likely is nonsense.

It's a well known truism that "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with b.s.".
Don't fall for that - Think!